Shimmyshowcase 15th Anniversary Celebration March 17th, 2018

Shimmyshowcase 15th Anniversary Celebration March 17th, 2018
Imari, Eunza, Amber Ray, Saviya, Draca, Alexiis, Leon, Ilana, Suzanna, Christina Rizkallah


Now in its 17th year, Shimmyshowcase in Long Beach continues to provide a place where all dancers, regardless of proficiency, can perform in front of a warm, appreciative audience. Performers and guests alike keep returning for the temporary escape from the stress of everyday life into this relaxing and fun environment to explore and enjoy middle eastern inspired dance.

Shimmyshowcase encourages all dancers from beginners to seasoned performers to sign up and perform for us! For most up to date schedule and dancer opportunities, please email us at and we'll add you to our weekly email schedule.

We hope to see you soon at Shimmyshowcase at Viento y Agua Coffee House! For more info about Viento y Agua, go to

Sunday, September 19, 2010


The SHIMMY SHOWCASE begins at 7 p.m. at I-CANDY COFFEE in Long Beach (1708 E. Broadway -- 562-437-3785).

CALL FOR DANCERS!— We have an opening for October 3 (Movie night), as well as other upcoming Theme nights! Please read on for details and contact us at if you would like to perform.

September 19 - It’s Reggae night at Shimmyshowcase and Amber of the Om Sisters already has Bella, Mandi, Ilana, and Meredith lined up to mellow the magic carpet at I-Candy. This should be the perfect Shimmyshowcase for those seeking respite from the many stresses life brings these days, where you can relax with a nice cup of tea, specialty beverage or tasty desert and enjoy fine dancing to a reggae beat (but please leave the ganja at home!).

September 26 – Saviya coordinates yet another great theme night for Shimmyshowcase. This time we go back to the 60’s! That’s right, it’s another nostalgia-themed showcase highlighting one of the most eventful decades of the 20th century. Delilah, Carmella Fatale, Reba, and Masa will be performing their own unique interpretations of bellydancing to this retro theme. If you would like to escape the 21st century for one evening and take a trip back in the 60’s, please join us at I-Candy coffee!

October 3 – Jannah from the Om Sisters presents a Shimmyshowcase night at the movies! Guest dancers Najma, Taliee, and Azira are eager to dance their favorite movie themes for your enjoyment. Please come down and join in the fun! Dancers—we have one opening left, so please contact us at if you would like to perform to this fun theme!

October 10 – Special Shimmyshowcase event at special (5:00 pm) time! Guest coordinator Katerina presents Sufi Style Zikr with live music by Saf Mavi. Dhikr, otherwise spelt Zikr or Zikar, is literally "remembering". It is the religious ceremony or act of devotion practiced by the various Sufi orders. Universal Sufi Dhikr differs from the Islamic form of Dhikr, widening the scope of the term to encompass remembrance of the spiritual in all forms. Come join us for a moving music and dance experience -- starting earlier than usual at 5:00 PM.

October 17 - In the spirit of the USO this showcase is dedicated to our men and women in the armed forces. It is a special "fund raising" theme night, supporting a charity that remembers our military overseas by sending them reminders from home! All tips this night only go to this cause. DANCERS "Aunt Saviya" wants YOU to entertain on behalf of our military and hopefully to our military as our guests! Saviya would love for every dancer who has a loved one or friend in the military to join us on this special evening and spread the word among your friends to come to Shimmyshowcase on October 17 for some truly unique variations on dance orientale and other entertainment provided by Sarah al Nour, Katerina, Tom&Eve, Xandra, and other guest performers. We encourage our guests to bring small, lightweight items for the “care package” we will send. (For more information, visit ). We also seek a few individuals with video recording equipment who would be willing to record our showcase and put it on DVDs that we can send with the care packages! Let’s pack the house for our troops!

October 24 - With Halloween around the corner, Ilana of the Om Sisters presents the “Thrills and Chills Shivershowcase.” She’s cooking up a program which we know is guaranteed to be fun, especially with Siraj and Draca already lined up to perform. If you want to play your dance tricks on our magic carpet, shoot us an email at and we’ll scare you up a performance spot.

October 31 – DARK (No Shimmyshowcase this Sunday—enjoy your Halloween!)

November 7 – Xandra welcomes guest dancer Daliah, who will be making her dance debut at this Shimmyshowcase! However, this vivacious lady is no stranger to I-Candy Coffee as she recently joined our audience and even gave some impromptu dance lessons on our magic carpet! Please come see her and other guest dancers yet to be named! If you would like to perform, please email Xandra at

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